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Nails - Manicures and Pedicures

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Oasis Manicure

The Oasis Manicure is an invigorating hand treatment designed to hydrate and revitalize tidied hands. The manicure includes, exfoliation, luxury hand mask and cuticle care with a hand and arm massage to complete the treatment, your nails will be beautifully shaped, Nail polish is the applied in a color of your choice.


Oasis Pedicure

The Oasis Pedicure is for the feet, involving cutting, shaping, removal of the cuticles, softening of the skin in particularly on the heels and balls of the feet, including an invigorating foot spa designed to hydrate and revitalize.  Cuticles are pushed back and tidied, the nail is filed and shaped and a foot and leg massage completes the treatment. Nail polish is applied in a color of your choice.


Shape and Polish for Fingers and Hands

Compromise on time, not quality with this treatment. After analyzing your nails, cuticles are conditioned and finished with the perfect shape and paint. A perfect in-between manicure or pedicure treatment to refresh fingernails or toenails.


Shellac Extra

Shellac (often referred to as Gel polish), is a quick express shellac application, it’s a great additional add on for your oasis manicure and pedicure or just as a standalone application with no filing or cuticle work.


Shellac Manicure or Pedicure

Our Shellac Manicure or Pedicure includes hand or foot soak, cuticle work, shaping of the nails, choose your favourite nail colour from our wide collection of shellac polishes which will be to your perfectly shaped nails, finishing the treatment with a relaxing hand or foot Massage.


Nail Art

Inspirational nail designs to add a touch of instant glamour to a manicure or pedicure. Created by hand, unique nail designs can add a subtle flash of color or a flamboyant look to your nails.

Acrylic Nails

An acrylic nail extension treatment. Nails are prepared for application with a manicure which includes removal of cuticles and filing and shaping of nails. Artificial tips to add length are applied before adding the acrylic mixture (a liquid monomer and a powder polymer which when combined forms a hard-protective layer) that is sculpted over the natural nail. Chosen nail polish is then applied.

Paraffin Treatment

A luxurious treatment that helps to provide hydration and nourishment to the hands and feet and soothes aching joints and tired muscles. Hands or feet are covered in the nourishing hot paraffin wax and wrapped in mitts during a manicure or pedicure treatment or as a standalone treatment.


A 15minute relaxing and therapeutic massage designed to relieve stress and tension for hand, arm or feet.

elim Medi Heal Treatment

Today many of us tend to neglect our hard working feet and find that even an Essential Pedicure just isn’t enough to remove the layers of built up hard skin, not only does hard skin look unsightly but make our feet ache or for some can be very painful. To help alleviate these problems and maintain healthy feet, we offer a bespoke medi heal treatment.  The pedicure starts by applying the elim medi heal treatment. Our amazing Medi heal tonic works to break down the hard skin, leaving your feet soft and improving the overall look and feeling of your feet.  elim Medi heel can be a stand-alone treatment or incorporated with our Oasis Pedicure.

elim Medi Heel Treatment and massage 45mins

elim Medi Heel Pedicure 1 hour and 15mins

elim Medi Heel Pedicure with Shellac 1 hour and 30 minutes


Oasis Manicure (60mins)
QR 120
Oasis Pedicure (60mins)
QR 120
Shape & Polish Toes (inc cuticle work)
QR 75
Shape & Polish Fingers (inc cuticle work)
QR 75
QR 300
French manicure acrylic nails
QR 350
Acrylic Infills
QR 200
QR 25
elim Medi Heel Treatment and Massage
QR 150
elim Medi heel Pedicure
QR 200
elim Medi Heel Pedicure with Shellac
QR 275
Paraffin Wax
QR 50


French Polish
QR 25
Nail Art
QR 10
QR 75
French Shellac
QR 100
QR 100
Massage Hand or Foot (30mins)
QR 75